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We start by evaluating the whole well-being of an individual, which results in a personalized treatment plan that matches your health goals to that of your beautiful smile.

One of the most valuable services Cariodontal offers is a complete comprehensive periodontal exam and health intake for us to understand your dental, medical, emotional, psychological, and systemic wellness.

Our approach to the periodontal exam is unique, because we look at your mouth as a reflection of what is happening systemically in your body and can identify issues such as: vitamin D deficiency, cancer, inflammation, etc., all of which are clues to deeper issues. Based on the periodontal exam and the intake, we may order blood tests to check your inflammatory markers, HBA, and other tests to help us piece together your current state of wellness.

Once we understand the full scope of your health, we bring together the right team to facilitate your wellness plan. Sometimes this may include your internist and/or other practitioners.

+ Dental

Our philosophy is based on an integrative holistic preventive approach to oral wellness, with a primary objective to save your natural teeth and prevent oral disease.

Based on the treatment plan the team outlines, with your partnership, we tackle your dental health in tandem with your physical health plan. We address any oral issues that may be compromising your health while we look at the integrity of your teeth and gums in an effort to prevent further issues.

This may include functional restoration, periodontal orthodontic retention, bone grafting, crowns, etc., with the intention of preventing issues in order to accomplish and maintain long-term wellness.

+ Health

There is a direct correlation between chronic systemic diseases and the condition of your mouth. Our approach to dental wellness is actually an overall wellness approach.

While we deploy the oral treatment plan, we collaborate with the assigned team to work toward addressing your overall wellness. Typical wellness plans include nutrition planning and coaching, psychological counseling, sleep monitoring, and so much more.

The goal is to uncover the reason for the imbalance in your health and to treat the source, not the symptoms. By addressing the underlying reason, we have a more effective plan to prevent the predictive outcomes we uncovered in your initial tests.

= Cariodontal

At Cariodontal we identify issues in your mouth and body, and design a personalized and effective holistic wellness treatment plan that supports your overall health, prevents further damage, and restores your beautiful smile.

Through our philosophy, we have partnered with hundreds of patients to improve their overall well-being, starting with their mouth. Call us today to book your first step to improved health — for a lifetime.