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Mercury-Free Dentistry

Although the American Dental Association maintains the position that mercury amalgam fillings are safe and acceptable, many scientific studies have demonstrated evidence to the contrary, which casts doubt on this position.

At Cardiodontal, Dr. Richter and his dental team are concerned about the health of our patients, so mercury-free dentistry is always practiced. We do not offer (mercury-containing) amalgam fillings.


Why Remove an Amalgam Filling?

The Dangers of Mercury: Mercury is scientifically proven to have adverse effects on the human body. Research shows that mercury is directly linked to Alzheimer’s Disease, causes kidney and brain damage, reduces the ability to reproduce, exacerbates allergies, reduces hemoglobin’s oxygen-carrying capacity, and damages blood vessels.

Dental amalgam contains 50% mercury. When a person with amalgam chews, mercury vapors are released in the mouth. These vapors enter the person’s bloodstream and are carried into various areas of the body, where they can cause serious damage. In pregnant women, mercury is also carried to the fetus through the bloodstream and breast milk.

Replace Amalgam Fillings with Composites

Beware! Not all composite fillings are the same. Replacing silver-mercury amalgam fillings with “white fillings,” otherwise known as composites, which contain high amounts of aluminum, and bingo: you just created a potential neurological disease.

For health reasons, it is not advisable to replace one toxin with another. Dr. Richter only uses BPA-free and biocompatible white composite fillings that are harmless to your health.

In 2003, the New York Dental Mercury and Amalgam Recycling Law became effective, which required that dentists recycle elemental mercury and dental amalgam waste generated in their practices. Since 1995, even before the law was in place, Dr. Richter has been following these procedures after removing patients’ unwanted amalgam fillings!

How We Remove Amalgam Fillings

Precautions must be taken when removing amalgam fillings. In order to remove the amalgam properly, the patient must be protected during the removal process in the following ways:

The use of the rubber dam is encouraged, even though only about 5% of dentists use it.

Since amalgam fillings have both positive and negative electrical charges, the positive current fillings should be removed first, and you stimulate a series of four endocrine glands that lead to degeneration. Take out the negative current fillings and you stimulate four endocrine glands that promote regeneration — or healing.

Biochemical preparation prior to dental and oral surgical procedures reduces pain and increases healing. This can be obtained by interpreting simple blood tests that are readily available.

Mercury-Free Tooth Restoration Options?

Cardiodontal offers several tooth restoration options that are mercury-free. These include:

  • All-porcelain restorations
  • Porcelain-covered gold restorations
  • Bonded porcelain restorations
  • Emax crowns
  • BPA-free composite resin
  • Cast gold restorations

How can I learn more about Mercury-Free Dentistry?

The talented dental team at Cardiodontal will be happy to discuss mercury-free dentistry with you. Please feel free to set up a complimentary consultation at one of our New York offices.