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Gingival margins corrected with periodontal plastic surgery: all teeth were bleached and two new crowns were placed on the upper anterior.

Veneers placed from canine to canine on the upper arch

Replacement of old bonding and crowns on anterior upper teeth with new porcelain veneers and crowns

Replacement of four upper anterior crowns that were failing and asymmetrical with four symmetrical veneers

Uneven and failing front crowns replaced with two all-porcelain crowns

Chipped and broken foot to front teeth replaced with crowns

42-year-old male: Invisalign used to correct narrow and asymmetrical arch, cosmetic recontouring done

75-year-old female: Invisalign utilized to correct aggressive spacing

52-year-old male: Invisalign used to correct deep bite and spacing

Invisalign to correct black triangles and lower crowding

53-year-old female: Invisalign used to correct lower crowding with cosmetic recontouring

49-year-old female: Invisalign used to correct crowding and chipping with cosmetic recontouring

62-year-old male: Invisalign and cosmetic recontouring utilized to correct deep bite, crowding, chipping, and close black triangle on the upper anterior

Single tooth extraction, bone graft, and implant crown

Single-tooth implant with crown

Severe gum recession repaired with connective tissue graft

Front tooth recession repaired with connective tissue graft

Excessive grinding which caused teeth to break repaired with crowns and a nightguard

Broken-down, failing teeth repaired with full arch reconstruction

Chipped front teeth repaired with composite bonding