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If your tooth requires removal prior to a dental implant, you can make use of it rather than discard it. Using the new Kometa Bio Smart Dentin Grinder, you can now convert extracted teeth as an autologous graft in as little as 15 minutes.

Technology has offered humanity vast improvements including those in the field of dentistry. One of the most revolutionizing advances is the modern dental implant. Scientific research and decades of clinical use have verified and validated its usefulness and its ability to alleviate detrimental outcomes.

Missing a tooth is not only uncomfortable when you try to enjoy your food, but it also creates a bad situation for the neighboring ones. Teeth love to be in harmony; they’re like a big family that loves to be together. When they can no longer interact with each other, they could become loose and/or shift, which leads to an array of other problems.

If you’re missing a tooth, it is crucial to consider an implant or a replacement of some sort. Not just for cosmetic reasons; it’s a preventive measure to ensure optimal oral health.

The first step before an implant can happen is to establish what type of implant is appropriate for the area to ensure successful, lasting results (zirconia vs. titanium). One of the biggest issues when selecting an appropriate implant is what does the bone density looks like at the site of implantation.

If the bone under your gums is not wide or tall enough, then a bone augmentation may be needed. There are many factors that contribute to low bone density, one of which is bone loss due to severe periodontal (gum) inflammatory disease or as a result of a deeply rooted extraction.

In addition, tooth loss often leads to more bone loss over time. Dental professionals have mitigated this problem with a form of bone augmentation called bone grafting: a term that describes a variety of procedures implemented to “build” bone so dental implants can be placed.

Bone grafting can be implemented with artificial, synthetic, or natural substitutes, but the most successful for implants is to use real bone from the patient’s own body.

The autogenous approach to bone grafting refers to when we harvest bone material from non-essential bones in the patient’s body such as the chin, ramus (back of lower jaw), hip, or shin. This approach helps to diminish the risk of any rejection, since the graft comes directly from the patient’s own body.

However, an autologous graft requires multiple incision sites in order to harvest the bone graft material and could take up to nine months to heal before dental implants may be placed.

The Most Natural Way to Generate Bone for Grafting

A new product has recently been introduced that can allow for an autologous bone graft to be done without the need for additional incisions and pain. This is possible because the graft can be made from your own tooth.

Yes, you read correctly! If your tooth requires removal prior to a dental implant, you can make use of it rather than discard it. Using the new KometaBio Smart Dentin Grinder, you can now convert extracted teeth into an autologous graft in as little as 15 minutes.

How does this work? Research has shown that human dentin is very similar to cortical bone in its chemical and biological composition. Dentin does not resorb, but rather, it fuses to the bone and causes slow remodeling, which helps to enhance implant stability.

In addition, this type of graft is capable of osteogenesis (the graft promotes the growth of new bone), osteoinduction (the graft stimulates cells that differentiate into osteoblast-bone depositing cells), and osteoconduction (graft material serves as a scaffold for new bone growth).

Autologous bone grafts with your own ground-up teeth offer virtually no risk of rejection. They also diminish the risk of inflammation and disease transmission, which is highly possible with other types of grafts.

When you use your own tooth for autologous bone grafting, this also reduces the healing time (two months), and provides incredible bone formation as well as better soft-tissue response.

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