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Autologous Bone Grafting


Bone grafting, in the dental field, is a procedure used to replace bone in the jaw. It can be used to regenerate bone in patients who have lost bone structure due to the loss of teeth or as the result of periodontal disease.

Bone grafting can also be used to maintain the form of the jaw to support future dental implants. Dr. Richter is a holistic periodontist who offers bone grafting surgery in his New York locations.


Bone grafting is a procedure designed to regenerate missing bone in the jaw. Grafts of the bone are surgically placed within the jaw, to replace bone lost due to missing teeth or periodontal disease.

Over a healing period of several months, the bone grafts are absorbed by the jaw and contribute to the formation of new bone cells.

Before a bone grafting surgery, diagnostic tests will be performed to determine the precise locations where grafts will need to be placed and the amount necessary. Once your comprehensive treatment plan is determined, the bone grafting procedure can be started.

Bone grafts are often needed to replace a missing tooth or multiple teeth. Dental implants require a strong foundation in the jaw in order to be successfully placed.

Unfortunately, many patients who have lost teeth lack sufficient bone density in their jawbones to hold dental implants. As long as enough bone can be regenerated, dental implants can be successfully placed.

Dental bone grafting is performed by our on-site holistic periodontist and prosthodontist, Dr. Jonathan Richter. During the procedure, the area that needs bone is prepared and the grafting material carefully placed and secured. Over the course of several months, the bone grafts will heal, and thus promote the growth of new bone in the jaw.