About Us

What Makes Us Different

We are not your typical dental office. We believe it is our responsibility to have your overall well being in mind with regards to all aspects of our practice and strive to deliver comfort while eliminating toxic exposure.

State-of-the-Art Equipment, Techniques and Materials. We practice enhanced non-surgical soft tissue management in cases of periodontal disease by using, microscopes, digital x-ray machines and mercury and BPA-free fillings.

We are fully committed to your comfort and always focused on your overall health. Our beautifully decorated facilities have a spa feel that is warm, friendly and inviting.

Focus on Prevention. Equally important to our dental practice is the prevention of disease, including oral and whole-body diseases. Oral and general wellness begins with effective education and integrative patient, physician and dentist communication.


Compassionate Team

We really care about our patients and embrace each ones’ biochemical, psychological, systemic and emotional differences.

Digital Imaging

Digital images allow us to see cavities, bone degeneration and tooth decay with greater clarity, which results in a 90% reduction of radiation exposure from conventional x-rays.

Dual Filtered Water

All water used in the office undergoes a dual distillation process – first run through a charcoal filter, then distilled to eliminate all minerals that could possibly be harmful to our patients.